The Kamptal valley - a region full of potentials

The Kamptal valley

The Kamptal valley figures among Austria's best and most successful wine regions. Not only is this true thanks to the people who work here. The geological and climatic conditions too play a major part in shaping the wines; first and foremost the different soils that range from primary rock to loess and clay soils. This depends on their altitude and the direction they are facing. The Pannonian climate coming from the South prevails in this area and finds its counterpart in cold winds from the Waldviertel area of the North, which is ideal during the ripening season of the grapes. On a total of 3,800 ha, which roughly equals 9,400 acres, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are the main vines planted in this region. Further grape varieties are Neuburger, Zweigelt and Pinot noir.