The roots of our lifes

Die Eltern

We carry the genes of our parents. They have educated us and given us values we can build upon. They have given us room to grow into those personalities we are today. Thanks to their hard and successful work we have found our place in the world.

Ingrid and Franz Arndorfer

My parents, Ingrid and Franz, have built and run this winery where Anna and I find everything we need to carry on. Thanks to their hard work and effort we can confidently look into the future

Karl and Brigitta Steininger

I'm very proud to have Brigitta and Karl Steininger as my parents. They have run their own winery in a remarkable way and always made sure to offer us children many possibilities to work and live. My elder sister and her boyfriend Peter are now in charge of the winery in cooperation with my parents and our younger sister Lisa. Brigitta and Karl have always supported Martin and me wherever they could, be it private or professional.