Confidence and personality open up new horizons

Die Leidenschaft

We reserve the label die Leidenschaft - our 'The Passion' line - for particular wines that show personality, distinctiveness and confidence. Special is probably the word that underlies everything: We take special care when selecting the grapes. The wine has especially much time in the cellar either in stainless steel vats or oak barrels. And even the time of selling is subject to special guidelines. The only drop of bitterness is the fact that we have small quantities only.

Grüner Veltliner die Leidenschaft

We were practically forced to make a Grüner Veltliner die Leidenschaft in order to show the grandeur of this grape variety. The French Burgundy region has always had a great fascination on us and so it is of little surprise that we tried to highlight the Burgundy vein of the Grüner Veltliner, a wine full of character, spice and with a great aging potential.

Riesling die Leidenschaft

How crazy have you got to be to put Riesling into barrique barrels? A little, we think. However, when the vineyard delivers grapes that are perfect for vinification in barrique barrels and when the winemaker knows which barrels to select it seems only natural to do so. Two first growths can deliver such material - Strasser Gaisberg and Strasser Wechselberg. And it is mainly the character of the soil that's decisive for the wine's vinification. Sounds simple and not crazy at all, don't you think? Riesling die Leidenschaft is the most multi-faceted wine of our winery and defenitely one you should not miss.

ChNb die Leidenschaft

Half Chardonnay, half Neuburger grapes from the Strasser Brunngasse and Strasser Gaisberg vineyards are vinified in both new and used oak barrels for 10 months. This wine unites traditional and international featueres - the typically Austrian Neuburger joins forces with global Chardonnay. A wine with an enormous potential!

Zweigelt die Leidenschaft

An outstanding red wine grown in the Kamptal valley boasting the power of the soils and the special features of the climate. Small oak barrels bring out the noblesse of this wine that stands out with its warmth and great style. Wonderful flavors of ripe sour cherries, well-integrated tannins and a powerful structure form the pillars of this wine.